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addikted riders



some sweet friends of mine from high school started this wakeboarding ministry with some of their friends from college called addikted riders. it gives me goosebumps to think of the things they are doing in kids lives every time they are out on that water. their passion for jesus, wakeboarding, kids it could go on and on is truely amazing. you have to check out their website and just read what they are doing. here are some pictures of their pretty sweet boat that they have and some pictures of guy and thomas doing some pretty sweet jumps.

their website is go look at it now now now!


clark and lauren

“i love how she keeps me in line and out of trouble…”-clark
“i love how he loves life and loves me…”-lauren

one of my favorite things in life is watching my best friends fall in love. lauren and i have been best friends since high school and a couple of weeks ago her and her boyfriend of 3 years got engaged. today we went downtown to take some pictures so i could practice and so they could have fun. not going to lie its harder then i thought, but they were so patient with me and i think that the pictures came out better then we both thought they were going too. i think i laughed the whole time we did this. clark and lauren have such a fun loving relationship and i am so excited to see what God has in store for their marriage. their relationship has such a cool story behind it and its been so fun to watch from the beginning how obedient they have been to God. clark you’re perfect for lauren. lauren you’re perfect for clark. i love you guys and had fun! i hope you enjoy

day full of love slideshow

historic beauty

downtown charleston

the amazing bridge

aren’t they beautiful! 🙂 jaime and lau

i love you lau!

i would lay in that hammock FOREVER if i could!

chacos+the beach=perfet

best friends until the day that i die!

jaime and i were chasing storms while lauren was in class 🙂 on the isle of palms bridge

AMAZING seafood…
if you asked me i would tell you that i live by far in one of the greatest states ever. south carolina! one of my favorite places in south carolina besides where i live is charleston. i love how historic the buildings are and that the beach is there! 🙂 i have been going to charleston for pretty much my whole life, whether it is family beach trips, soccer tournaments or visiting friends. i love this place. a couple of weeks ago i went to visit one of my best friends who is living there and have a little girls weekend/birthday celebration/love celebration with 2 girls that i absolutely love. they have been such great friends to me since high school and are true testimonies of what a women of christ is. on saturday lauren was sweet to walk a ridiculous amount around downtown charleston so that i could take pictures of the buildings and of things that i have grown up staring at. these are a few pictures of this weekend. it was a perfect long weekend after being gone for so long and a perfect way to celebrate lauren’s birthday, her getting engaged and sweet friendships that i know will last forever.


this summer i had the opportunity to live in san diego, california and work for the u.s. open golf tournament. it was one of the coolest experiences of my life and i miss it and the people that i worked with so much. here are a FEW pictures from the two months i was out there. i say few because i took over a thousand pictures! i miss the sunsets, the perfect weather, the city of la jolla, the golf course, my roommates, everyone that i worked with, the REAL mexican food, living so close to the beach…

what am i doing…

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