it’s an endless kind of love…

they make me laugh. they make me cry. they frustrate me. they bring the best joy into my life. they worry me. they make me proud. but most of all its an endless kind of love. a love that wont ever stop no matter what they do, what happens to them, if they never talk to me ever again, if they hate me… anything.

the past 4 years i have invested my heart and life into not only a little town in knoxville, tn called farragut community but also into a group of high school girls that i adore. we have been to a handful of camps together, lunches in farragut cafeteria, numerous amounts of young life clubs, campaigners at different locations, sporting events, dances, beach trips, endless amounts of meals and ice cream and birthday parties. i have had the chance to see them go from bratty (yes i can say that because i love them 🙂 ) high school freshman to young ladies. in between their freshman and senior year they showed me how to love unconditionally along with other life lessons. ive seen them grieve the loss of friends and the hardest of them all parents. ive seen them try to figure out who they really are and struggle with that. i’ve seen them shed tears over “stupid boys” :). friends. school and sports. they’ve gotten mad at me, frustrated at me and annoyed with me. but they never gave up on me. they are girls that thought that they could bring up things that they have done and thought i would turn my back on them because of their “mistakes”.. but i’ve done the same thing. these girls mean more to me then they could ever imagine. if you want to see a one of a kind smile or see my heart almost jump out of my chest.. ask me about them. they are girls that are sometimes hard to love but in no way shape or form could you ever pay me or ask me to stop talking to them. i love them. i’m over protective of them, i cry for and over them, i laugh over the hilarious text messages or phone calls they give me, they are patient with me when i have really bad ADD moments in the middle of prayers or campaigners :). they are just my life. they are all heading off to college in a few short days (oh lord i think i just threw up) and i never thought starting this journey with them that i would be so upset but so proud.

girls.. i love yall. thank you for letting me love on yall the past four years. thank you for letting me tell you about jesus and his love for you. you girls mean the world to me and im never going to stop loving you and praying for you. i hope yall enjoy this slideshow as much as i do. and thank you for 4 fun and amazing years…

ps its kind of long so be prepared…

it was a blast…


2 Responses to “it’s an endless kind of love…”

  1. 1 the hardins August 5, 2008 at 12:45 pm

    you have such an amazing heart, christine! i dont even know your girls, but that just made me tear up.. i love you!

  2. 2 GrammBo August 12, 2008 at 2:13 pm

    I’m happy that I got to see you in action with my precious grand-daughters; they have enjoyed the love and time that you’ve given them. Cary and Andrika always spoke so highly of you since the day you came into their lives; they will miss you dearly. Thanks for making them all happy. I wish you much happiness and success in starting this new chapter in your life. Stay in touch and always remember, you never leave friends behind because they are always in your heart.
    Congratulation and Good Luck!!
    Bonita Bailes

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