new chapter…

so these past two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster to say the least. i have had to make decisions that i wasn’t ready to make yet and really “grow up” and make “big girl” decisions. in the matter of a week i got a “big girl job” and packed up the rest of my life in knoxville, tn and have moved home to s.c. its definately a bittersweet event but i know that with all my heart this is where i am suppose to be and God has amazing things planned for me. i am so excited about my amazing new job and the exciting things that will come along with it, but am finding it so hard to swallow the fact that i wont be babysitting 3 kids that i absolutely adore, be there for some of my young life girls experience their first week of college in knoxville and most of all be with girls that i have spent the past 5 years living with, growing up with and becoming young ladies with. i know that these friendships will never go away and that they will be girls that will stand next to me on my wedding day but its hard to think that i wont be around the corner from their houses. its been so much fun these past 5 years in knoxville and would not have gone anywhere else to share my college experience. it was a fun run ktown…..

here are some pictures from my last weekend in town… i love you guys!


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