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labor day weekend we flew up to vernon, ny. my cousin mike got hitched! it was such a sweet and fun time to be together as a whole family and to see aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, and my grandpa for the first time in a while. it was so great to be able to sit around and celebrate mike and carly. we went to casinos, horse races, cooperstown baseball hall of fame and most of all spend quality time with people that we love. i LOVE when we get chances to be together. especially my brothers and i. we give eachother a hard time all the time and we dont show that we love eachother in the best ways all the time but they are my best friends. they make me laugh harder then anyone i know and will always be there for me no matter what. it was so fun reuniting with cousins that i haven’t seen or talked too in a good bit and laugh and catch up like we had just been gone for just a few short months. family time is the best time. congrats mike and carly and best wishes on a life full of happiness…



birthdays are always the best. but i have learned that once you get older they aren’t as exciting. i LOVE birthdays don’t get me wrong. i LOVE calling friends and family members and wishing them happy birthday and loving them extra for their one special day. i just turned 23 and i love being surrounded by family, friends and the fact that they make me feel special.
2 days before my birthday one of my best friends jaime took me on a birthday dinner date. (i was going to be in ny for a family wedding on my actual birthday) i love my friends because they love me so well and know exactly how i want to spend times like these. jaime picked me up at my house and when i got to the car 3 of my roommates were sitting in the back seat!?!?! well pictures of them with balloons. they were there to celebrate with us. i got to carry them around with us all night.. it was SO awesome and i was SO excited. she put a tiara on my head and off we went downtown. we get to one of my favorite restaurants EVER… smoke on the water.. and 3 of my freaking sweet/amazing friends are waiting to have dinner with us. it was such a fun night and felt so so so loved. jaime thank you for making my birthday so special you are seriously the best! ps come home

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