birthdays are always the best. but i have learned that once you get older they aren’t as exciting. i LOVE birthdays don’t get me wrong. i LOVE calling friends and family members and wishing them happy birthday and loving them extra for their one special day. i just turned 23 and i love being surrounded by family, friends and the fact that they make me feel special.
2 days before my birthday one of my best friends jaime took me on a birthday dinner date. (i was going to be in ny for a family wedding on my actual birthday) i love my friends because they love me so well and know exactly how i want to spend times like these. jaime picked me up at my house and when i got to the car 3 of my roommates were sitting in the back seat!?!?! well pictures of them with balloons. they were there to celebrate with us. i got to carry them around with us all night.. it was SO awesome and i was SO excited. she put a tiara on my head and off we went downtown. we get to one of my favorite restaurants EVER… smoke on the water.. and 3 of my freaking sweet/amazing friends are waiting to have dinner with us. it was such a fun night and felt so so so loved. jaime thank you for making my birthday so special you are seriously the best! ps come home


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