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perfect love

1 John 4:18 : “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love. “

perfect love casts out fear….

i really love those 5 words. they have been running thru my head constantly for the past week.

maybe i have been wondering what really perfect love is. why do i fear things, why do i fear that i am not going to accomplish some things in my life, why do i get impatient with his timing. its so crazy how we all get caught up in the “world” and don’t really sit and think of the greatness of everything that we have and are surrounded by. but in the end im brought back to the precious reminder that God is good and faithful and will fulfill the desires in my heart because he has promised me that! yay!

can’t even wait for tomorrow. its a day full of pictures and its going to be so so so so great. be expecting a LOT of updates this next week.


mr. and mrs. andrew mccleskey

can’t even believe this weekend is over. andrew and allison mccleskey… woohoo!!! the day was SO perfect, the wedding was absolutely STUNNING. the happiest bride and groom i have ever seen. perfect in so many ways. here are pictures from such a love filled weekend. this is not even CLOSE to the amount that i have. but these few will have to do for right now.. i love you guys and congrats!

the radiant bride…

my sweet sweet friend allison got married this weekend. these are pictures from allison’s bridal portraits. she is such beautiful girl. she has the most contagious smile and laughter of anyone that i know. she has been such a perfect person in my life to show me the love of christ. i am so thankful for her and her heart and what she has been in my life.

weekend 2

oh how i love knoxville. love love love knoxville. there is something about true friendships that never change even if its been a few weeks or months that you havent seen each other. i love visiting a town that i have lived in for a long time and running into people in random places. i love getting hugs from people that i saw on a regular basis and have missed so much and now dont see at all. this past weekend was AWESOME. saw old friends and an AWESOME football game. i love tennessee football no matter if we are good or bad. and i love going to games. kendal one of my roomates from college works for the football team and truely made one of my dreams come true. we got to go on the field before the game on saturday and couldn’t even believe it! i was SO excited. i tried to act all calm and cool but inside i was freaking out. i also got to spend a short time with some loves of my life. carey, andrika, landyn and lennox. oh my goodness they still have my heart. when i pulled up landyn and lennox were sitting on this haystack with all these fall/halloween decorations just smiling away. i lost it. they were so precious. i got to love on them and play with them for a little bit before the game, it made my whole weekend. that family is truely amazing.
i loved every second of this weekend and can’t wait to go back in a couple weeks. here are some pics…

weekend 1 of the 3 perfect weekends

can’t even begin to tell you how much fun athens was. kaitlyn and her roommates were SO great to us. not all the georgia fans welcomed us with open arms or hearts but it didnt stop us from having such an amazing time… here are a few from the game and the weekend with kaitlyn. thanks love bug for having us. you were SO great and i love you SO much. can’t wait to come back 🙂

im dying to put pictures up from sunday. i went with allison to get her bridal pictures done and couldnt resist taking my camera with me. if i knew that were was no way possible that drew would see these pictures i would put them up. but i want everyone to get that chance to see her in real life in her dress but that doesnt mean that they wont be up after the wedding. not kidding when i say this… get ready for a gorgeous stunning beautiful bride that made these pictures come out beyond amazing. redbarn, sunset, sitting on top of the world loving life girl 🙂

three perfect weekends

this weekend is the start of 3 perfect weekends. i head to athens on friday to play with my roommate kaitlyn from san diego, kiks and mandy. i am SO excited because i have heard that athens is such a fun place. i can’t even wait to post pictures. next weekend i head back to knoxville for a little football and good times. my best friend jaime will be meeting me up there and again can’t even wait to post pictures from that adventure and then the ultimate of all weekends…………………….. my best friend allison wed’s the love of her life october 25th in asheville. OH MY GOSH i am SO SO SO SO SO SO excited and am so anxious to post pictures from that weekend/event 🙂 here are some pics from this past weekend when we had a little bachlorette partay for the sweet love. we ate dinner at the lazy goat downtown which was AWESOME. oh gosh SO good. with the best view outside, perfect weather, perfect company, and we could hear music from the wedding reception going on across the river at the wyche pavilion.. the amazing location of my other best friend lauren’s wedding next year. gah i love wedding season… so fun. get ready for me to blow this blog up these next couple weeks….

it’s been a while

wow. its been a while. with a month full of work, tournaments, new friendships, ut football games and wedding showers, i have a few down moments to update this. life has been SO crazy but SO fun. i am learning to love greenville more and more and so thankful that i am back home. it has been a hard transition but so great at the same time. coming into a group of friends is always hard especially when everyone knows everyone and you are the “new girl” but these sweet precious friends that i have met in greenville have been beyond amazing to me. from parties, dinners, to bible studies, wedding showers they have made me feel so welcome. here are some of my favorite pictures of the past month. i LOVE fall because it means new seasons of amazing shows coughtheofficecough, college football and the thought of my sweet friends getting married, oh and the leaves and drive to work is pretty top notch too 🙂


what am i doing…

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