weekend 1 of the 3 perfect weekends

can’t even begin to tell you how much fun athens was. kaitlyn and her roommates were SO great to us. not all the georgia fans welcomed us with open arms or hearts but it didnt stop us from having such an amazing time… here are a few from the game and the weekend with kaitlyn. thanks love bug for having us. you were SO great and i love you SO much. can’t wait to come back 🙂

im dying to put pictures up from sunday. i went with allison to get her bridal pictures done and couldnt resist taking my camera with me. if i knew that were was no way possible that drew would see these pictures i would put them up. but i want everyone to get that chance to see her in real life in her dress but that doesnt mean that they wont be up after the wedding. not kidding when i say this… get ready for a gorgeous stunning beautiful bride that made these pictures come out beyond amazing. redbarn, sunset, sitting on top of the world loving life girl 🙂


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