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this past weekend i went to nashville to see my brother, hang out with my old roomie holli who just recently moved there and play with kendal and mandy. and to see the vols beat vandy. whoop whoop. i love nashville SO much. its such a cool and fun city with so much to do.
on friday justin had a “caddyshack” party at his house. his roommate charlie and him built 8 “putt putt style” holes around their house. they seriously are so creative. each hole had a sponsor and par. it was AWESOME. i loved every second of it. everyone had golf attire on. such a great idea!

saturday we went to see the vols take on vanderbuilt. we had bfast at pancake pantry before heading to the game. it was PHENOMENAL. we proceeded to freeze our butts off at the game but it was SO worth it. front row seats and being on tv. count it.
i’m going to miss phillip fulmer SO much..


why you should love greenville, sc

so i took pictures downtown today and you seriously can’t look at these pictures and not be in LOVE with downtown greenville. it has rained the past day and a half and the leaves and colors downtown are INCREDIBLE. oh my gosh i was so excited to take these pictures. enjoy my beautiful city….

precious love.

clemson is beautiful. its the perfect time of year around that campus. i had the most amazing privilege to spend the day with my best friend and her fiance. i truly love them SO much and love them together. the sky was clear and the leaves were at their peak. but most importantly i got to capture two people so in love with eachother. there was nothing but laughter and thats my favorite thing about lauren and clark. laughter fills their lives constantly. they might look familiar from a previous post, but get used to them because this wont be the last time you see them on here 🙂
i love you guys… and i love this slide show SOOOOOOOOOOOO much
click on the words precious love…

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