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40 years of love

i had a last minute photo session here in st louis and had a BLAST. the whole family was there with all of the grand kids. they just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. the weather was perfect and everyone looked so great in their black and denim. here is a sneak peak of the pictures of the beautiful family. _mg_5932_mg_5943_mg_6007_mg_5923_mg_6004_mg_5852


tis this beautiful season

i love this season.  celebrating the birth of jesus and  i love that its all about spending time with the ones you love. i love traditions and giving gifts to the people that mean SO much to you. we celebrated christmas on christmas eve because of flying out to st louis for our regular tradition. i can’t even WAIT to get there and be with everyone on my dads side of the family.  after opening gifts we took a “family” picture. justin my oldest brother lives in nashville and is meeting us in st louis for christmas so we took a VERY old school picture of him to make sure he was in the picture. i can’t get over sometimes how funny my brothers and parents are, especially when we are all together. here is a picture from christmas that i LOVE. more pictures will come from my trip to st louis. merry christmas and i hope that you find joy in this season and feel so loved.img_57492


i can’t even express how excited i am about this new blog and business. my love and passion for photography has brought me to this place in life and i am so grateful. i have the opportunity to take pictures of people that i love and people that i have just met. and in both instances i have been able to capture love, life and excitement. if you like my style and would like for me to capture some of your family moments, childrens moments, weddings and engagements please email me at and we can talk prices and details. the more pictures i post you will see that my style is more photojournalism. i do not like posed pictures because it doesnt show your personality as much. i hope you enjoy and can get a glimpse and understanding of my love for this art and people and my love for making them feel beautiful in just a few short hours.


the feathers.

jaime and i have been best friends since our sophomore year in high school. i have spent so much time with this family whether it is to soccer tournaments. high school soccer games. prom. tailgating. the list could go on. today i had the privilege to take their family pictures. i had a blast. i love taking pictures. but i LOVE taking pictures of people that i know and that i think are so great. these jumping pictures are so funny. thanks for letting me be with yall today and capture fun moments. love you guys!

sales. cold. christmas lights

oh my goodness. i don’t feel like i can say enough how much i LOVE this time of year. Christmas parties. Christmas trees. Christmas lights. hot chocolate. scarfs. cowboy boots. carhart overalls. jackets. so great. even though work has been really stressful because the economy is so bad its so comforting to have encouraging friends and family to keep me going. i have a few photography projects coming up in the next couple weeks that i couldn’t be anymore excited about. ill be posting some of those pictures and some pictures from the amazing Christmas party from last weekend. and great great exciting news for me is coming oh so soon!!! i just signed up for this photography workshop that is going to be SO great.. this is going to be a great year i can already tell..
hope you re loving this season!!!

oh baby

woodwick candles.
get one if you dont own one.
thats what im listening to right now.
the scent that they give off is out of this world AND when the wick is burning it sounds just like a camp fire.
SO soothing..

ok nothing like a candle that smells like christmas, christmas trees, christmas lights and the holiday music. i love this time of year. i dont like it being so stinking cold or the fact that college football season is done, but i loveeeee christmas time.
with thanskgiving wrapping up and my last trip to knoxville of 2008, i was able to think the whole drive home on sunday about what a great year this has been and what i’m thankful for. i have seriously the most amazing family ever, loving great awesome friends and a life that is so blessed. i can’t wait to post some of the exciting things that are going on in my life these next couple weeks before we hit 2009. there is so much stuff brewing up and i can’t even wait to share the exciting news.

2 girls who have loved me SO well though out college.
i dont know what i would do without them

such a loving amazing great friend in my life.
tailgating before the game.
it was pouring

market square
downtown knoxville, tn

what am i doing…

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