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princess pawwty

img_6246the perfect dress: check



the glittery nails: check

the jewelry: check

the eye shadow: check

everything was perfect. landyn is three. the most beautiful precious three year old i know. the most precious party i’ve seen.   the amount of LOVE that exploded out of the groovy pad was outrageous. oh my GOODNESS i am so in love with his family. you wont see any cuter kids in this whole world. i promise. get ready to fall in love….

princess landyn



ok so i should be packing right now for knoxville but i just can’t calm down!!! i am SO excited about going to tn this weekend to see sweet friends and celebrate landyn’s 3rd birthday. i get to see my roommates. well a few of them. younglife girls. friends that mean SO much to me and 3 kids that i still adore so much. ohmygoodness woohoo. it might be ridiculous how many updates i will have after this weekend so be prepared. but while you wait. this is what i get to hug all weekend long…img_8791edimg_8776img_2235img_1876img_1918spring-break-08-399lightdiffuse-glow

new year. new you.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. it’s january 4th and i am finally excited about 2009. it didnt start like i had hoped but what can you do. i’m excited about this year. excited what is planned, not planned, my jobs, and this crazy road God is going to take me on. on wednesday i am starting this photography workshop. i am SO pumped. its going to be such a great opportunity to learn from a phenomenal photographer and gain information for me to become a better photographer and to be more confident in the pictures that i take.  i will be posting some pictures throughout the six weeks on what i am turning in for assignments. im excited beyond words to really have this all happen. keep checking back and if you have any questions or want to let me practice taking pictures of your family, kids, or fiances email me. i would love too!!

what am i doing…

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