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for the past 5 weeks and 3 days this blog and these pictures have turned from my hobby and passion to my healing tool. i have never experienced heartbreak or heartache like what i have now and will probably for the rest of my life. taking pictures is still a huge passion of mine and i still yearn to become a better photographer, but this season that i am in life has brought me to try to find joy and excitement behind the lens. i hope and pray that through these one picture posts that you see the hurt, pain, laughter,confusion, loneliness, anger, uncertainty, love and heartache that i am going through. why? because then i will be accomplishing what i wanted to accomplish.. you will be seeing life through my eyes and the way i see the world right now….




img_0370edi hope this reaches you..

.one of those days.

img_0335edited“everyone keeps saying. nothing helps but time. time is all i own. the timings stop replaying over in my mind. i watch the hours slow down. so i crawl underneath my blanket. where i can hide away. i know i can’t take it. cause i see now its just one of those days.” -joshua radin


“you can never say never
why we don’t know when
time, time and time again
younger now then we were before”-the frayimg_0084edited

.why this road.

“when i ask why. why this road. why this way, and this load. tell me how far i must go. til i see. til i know. from here i can’t see. why you’d choose this path for me.” -ginny owensimg_0190edited


.biggest fan.

brother. you were my biggest were my top two favorite people in this whole universe. (right next to justin). you were always there for me. you always made me laugh. but most of all. you loved me. nonstop. from the day i was born. i miss you more and more every second that goes by.

**photo courtesy of shawn potts photography**

**photo courtesy of shawn potts photography**

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