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.this high.

img_1226edi thought that being this high in the sky, i would feel like i was so much closer to you. but i still felt so far away.



by my side



shannon and josh. i took some engagement picture of my sweet sweet friends downtown.. here is a little sneak peak while i work on the rest of them! who knew meeting in 3rd grade, that they would get married someday! i love cowboy boots. wood and brick buildings SO much!

.wild at heart.


“that rebel moon is shinin, those stars burning like diamonds, hell bent on chasin’ down that crazy spark, i’ll follow you where you’re leading, to the first sweet taste of freedom, you got me runnin’ baby. wild at heart” -gloriana


my sweet beautiful friend breen has started her own business. it has seriously the CUTEST things. you HAVE go check it out and buy stuff from her. i’m a huge fan of the “christine” pattern! 🙂

.in need.

“in need of grace. in need of love. in need of mercy raining from high above. in need of strength. in need of peace.”-dave hunt