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IMG_2954ewm“love will lead you home”-drew holcomb and neighbors


IMG_3061e“wake me from this slumber. rush me but leave time to wait… well i’m no knight in shining armor but im no pair of dancing shoes. my patience ran away, take me with you. you keep me holding on.” -gavin degraw


IMG_2779e“i need you like a hurricane. thunder crashing wind and rain. to tear my walls down. i’m only yours now.”-jimmy needham

.closer to love.

IMG_2835ew“oh its your life oh its your way pull me out of the dark just to show her the way. crying out love from so far away, you pull me closer to love.”-mat kearney


IMG_1542wc“just take me away”





“you are hope when i’m hopeless. the only way”-emily lynch