so back in may (dont judge that i am just now posting these) i had the COOLEST experience. sharon from smitten photography gave me the coolest chance ever to photograph a wedding with her in downtown greenville. where do i begin on how much i admire sharon and her work and her passion and heart. but she became an even bigger inspiration to me when she offered this opporutnity to me. i was suppose to take a workshop with her back in february the weekend that my brother was killed in a car accident. sharon, so loving and great as she is, invited me along with her to spend this day learning from her, asking her questions and stay attached to her hip ALL afternoon in the rain and puddles and cold. i dont think she realizes how cool and great this was for me. she is SO awesome at what she does and for the chance to spend a whole day with her meant the world to me.

i have been debating since then about posting these pictures. i guess because i am my worst critic. but i’m realizing that, its not really an option for me to not show my pictures if i dont want to get better. that its ok if i think they suck because they might not, and they might but what better way to learn then to just put it out in the open. let people critic and judge and give advice. i need it. so here. here is dinika and kevin’s wedding day in downtown greenville. the weather was cold rainy and not oh so fun. but it was fun. its was so full of love and laughter and tears. it was the coolest day for me. so sharon thank you. thank you for letting me have a day where all i could think about was photography and how much i love it. thank you for giving me some of the best advice on shooting, settings and business. you are SO great and i am SO thankful for you!

um beware.longest post. ever. 🙂 toodles





















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  1. 1 sharon July 14, 2009 at 11:27 pm

    i am so, so, so impressed by these pictures…but way more impressed by the awesome YOU. your heart is big and deep and i can’t tell you how much i enjoyed spending that day with you! i wish we lived closer so we could have more wedding photo adventures! thank you for being you & for being freaking amazing. muah!

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