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i’m not going to sugar coat this post. mainly because i have had a constant smile on my face since i have been looking thru these. i have not come across one picture that doesnt scream out i can not even wait until their wedding at the end of november. if this is any indication of what their wedding pictures will turnout. i.can.wait.unreal. lauren. i think everyone that looks at this will agree with me. YOU are photogentic and you take AWESOME pictures. you look so beautiful. and kevin, of course your a stud.

you both made my job SO easy today.






oh hey hottness















we took a stroll up and down hwy 11. i’ve driving this road endless amounts of times. but didnt realize the amounts of hidden treasures out here. this night is when i finally fell in love with fall. the crisp. clear. chilly air was perfect! after all the rain we have had i was so worried that we would have to reschedule. but we got so so lucky. katie and kyle were SO fun to shoot. they were not camera shy at all. loved to show off their sassy side and how in love they were with each other. katie and kyle, thank you. thank you for letting me spend the day with you guys and capture how in love you guys are. it was a blast! watermarkkk2










i love how raw this picture is. how katie cant see because of the sun and how kyle is just gazing at her 🙂



katie’s dad built this little hut when she and her brother were younger for them to stand under while they waited for the school bus. HOW CUTE! we were pulling into her drive way and she told me about it, we had to stop and take a picture. its so awesome!



we were wondering around katie’s property and she was telling me how her dad collects old cars and old car parts and fixes them up and sells them. HOW AWESOME IS THIS. i was freaking out. this was seriously dream world right here. rustic cars. hot hot hot couple and crisp fall air. cha ching baby! 🙂



100 cont’d

so here are 12 more goals/dreams.

13. that i would win monopoly from mcdonalds. (if you only knew how close i was you would understand why i am determined. and ive done this successfully without having to purchase food. its all from cups. boom boom)

14. go to ireland, travel and learn about my heritage

15. run a half marathon. my training skills for the one that i signed up for come december seriously blows. i wont make it.

16. attend an avett brothers concert at the ryman

17. be at the world series when the cardinals win again 🙂

18. meet david beckham

19. become best friends with taylor swift

20. attend a jessica claire workshop

21. take a vacation from my phone and email for a whole weekend (go old school for a few days)

22. log onto and not want everything

23. be able to afford dresses at anthropologie

24. eat dinner by myself at a restaurant.  i’ve done lunch before and it was awesome.. dinner.. a lot more intimidating.


and ill update later with a pic.




so this is the 100 post i have posted on my blog. if i’m being really honest its 101. because i’m still debating on how i should commemorate this special occasion in the blog world. i asked some of my friends what i should do this post about and i got three options.. 100 of my dreams/goals for my life. 100 of my deepest darkets secrets. or 100 reasons why i am the most eligable bachelorette in greenville. option 3 made me laugh really hard because that is a legit option and great advice. thank you kirby. but that wont happen. 100 of my deepest darkest secrets… not an option at all. why would i do that?? ha. too much too soon too many people. so it leaves me with 100 dreams/ goals for my life before i die. and because this might take me while i thought i would just list my first 12 for right now. mainly because i’m tired and because i can since this is my blog and that is how i roll.

1. do this for real life, for my real job. and by this i mean photography.

2. get married and have a family

3. let whatever i do in my life whether it is photography or what, that it would glorify not me but God.

4. that i will travel to a foreign country… preferably africa. thats just me throwing that out there

5. to not be afraid to live life to the fullest like my brother did

6. to love people with as much love and energy and enthusiasm as jonathan did.

7. to become legit friends with carrie underwood

8. to learn how to play the guitar (more then the ghetto version i know of “light the fire”) (my version makes my roommates cry from laughing so hard at me because its that bad)

9. to travel the world.

10. to love on kids that dont get loved on enough. in america. in my own town. in my own city.

11. to just not care and be so insecure in who i was made to be.

12. live in san diego again, at some point. or at least make it a regular vaca spot.

and because it wouldnt be appropriate for me to have a post without a pic…

this is where i my heart is, on those days where you want life to just slow down, be carefree and be grateful for the little things you have….and this is where i felt that life was just perfect. before all of this craziness started.




“county road 233, under my feet”-miranda lambert



could it be that easier? i dont know, how many times do you set love free, before you know its supposed to be.”-steve moakler



“i want to fit in, to the perfect space, feel natural and safe in a volatile place”-avett brothers

what am i doing…

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