so this past weekend i had the biggest honor of my life so far. i got to be a groomsgirl. groomswoman. i’m not really sure what you are supposed to call a girl who is a groomsmen but i’m going to go with groomsmaid. because it sounds more girlish and awesome. this wasnt any ordinary wedding or opportunity that i had the chance to be a groomsmaid. it was for my brother jonathan’s best friend. after jonathan died john and traci sat with me in my room and over tears of disbelief and frustration and shock they told me that in no way did they want to take jonathan out of their wedding. (how awesome are they of friends) and when they figured out what they wanted to do to honor jonathan at the wedding they wanted me to be apart of it. (at that point i also took over duties of being dogmother to their amazing dogs. jonathan took so much pride in being their dogfather and the fact that they asked me to take on those duties meant so much. i’ve sucked at being a dogmother and will never be as good as jonathan at that but i know i dont suck at loving them as much as jonathan did.) so a few months down the road coop (john) told me he wanted me to stand in jonathan’s place as a groomsmaid. i can’t even tell you how pumped i was. it was the biggest honor to date. i get to stand next to my brothers best friend, who is a 3rd brother to me, as he commits to traci, a girl that i have come to adore and consider as a sister, and become husband and wife. a team. a family. who from day one loved my brother better then any other friends. who supported him in his bowling dreams, hawaiian shirt mondays or tuesdays or wednesday or everydays. who fully supported jonathan in his crazy lets have fun attitude which was every second of the day.  and two people that trusted jonathan’s heart, decisions and outlook on life. two awesome friends that even though jonathan isn’t here, they still make a point to stop by our house to give us hugs when they are in town. how could you get better friends then that? so to the new john and traci cooper. thank you. thank you for still being apart of our family and loving me to an unreal amount the past 7 months. for checking on me and sending me encouraging emails and texts. thank you for waking me up on sunday morning at 640 to go to waffle house with you guys. thank you for letting me be apart of this special day. i love you both dearly and couldnt be more excited about your marriage and lives together. i heart you both. and since a post isn’t good without pictures, here are some i snapped the weekend of the wedding.









2 Responses to “.honor.”

  1. 1 Megan October 5, 2009 at 12:41 am

    This makes me smile. 🙂 What a great honor and truly amazing friends. And of course, just gorgeous photos! Looks like it was a beautiful wedding!

  2. 2 Lisa October 5, 2009 at 10:02 pm

    Christine, I love this it gave me the chills! I know Jonathan is so proud of you! Love you!

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