100 cont’d

so here are 12 more goals/dreams.

13. that i would win monopoly from mcdonalds. (if you only knew how close i was you would understand why i am determined. and ive done this successfully without having to purchase food. its all from cups. boom boom)

14. go to ireland, travel and learn about my heritage

15. run a half marathon. my training skills for the one that i signed up for come december seriously blows. i wont make it.

16. attend an avett brothers concert at the ryman

17. be at the world series when the cardinals win again 🙂

18. meet david beckham

19. become best friends with taylor swift

20. attend a jessica claire workshop

21. take a vacation from my phone and email for a whole weekend (go old school for a few days)

22. log onto www.anthropologie.com and not want everything

23. be able to afford dresses at anthropologie

24. eat dinner by myself at a restaurant.  i’ve done lunch before and it was awesome.. dinner.. a lot more intimidating.


and ill update later with a pic.




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