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its been a long year. and really hard. but there are so many things that i am thankful for. job.a roof over my head.laughter.tears.memories.and a chance to let out all my worries and be able to capture life thru a lense.

get ready for this blog to blow up with this awesome gorgeous looking couple that is getting married tomorrow… can’t even wait to post their wedding!

happy thanksgiving.



“i dont want to fake it, dont want to waste it.” -jason walker

what happened to 100…

lets get real. i didnt forget! lets get this party started right?

25. to be as funny as my older brother justin. i really dont see how one person could be that hilarious. all the time.

26. declutter my college stuff

27. learn to appreciate days that dont consist of sunshine or warm air

28. love winter and cold air

29. not buy anything from online for a whole month. ha. thats so ridiculous and sad.

30. to not be so reserved

31. to let my friends love me well.. let is the key word there.

32. be free and careless

33. to not get overwhelmed by silly stuff

34. to love my own kids one day far far away as much as i loved my young life girls

35. to be a good example to my young life girls even though they are in college

36. to never take for granted the little things… cause they are usually the greatest

37. to get to the point where im not saying… what if?. to certain situations that have happened in life.

38. to not be so guarded




play on.”


IMG_5995.jump then fall.

what am i doing…

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