kevin+lauren. i do.

kevin and lauren got married! it was borderline cold but the sun was shining like crazy. it felt like the perfect day. lauren looked radiant. and the word radiant doesn’t give any justice of how glowing and happy lauren looked in person. when she put on her dress it was instant glow. she was joyful and excited and happy about marrying her best friend. kevin was calm and so so excited and anxious to see his radiant bride. their love and relationship is so laid back and chill but also deep down its real. its true. and its centered by Christ.

kevin and lauren. thank you. thank you for letting me be apart of your big day and trusting me to take your pictures. i hope you love them.


right after the ceremony. so sweet and real.

kevin and lauren share a love of longboarding.  and when kevin was ready to ask lauren to be his wife they were longboarding and kevin popped the question. it was only fitting for them to make their entrance into the reception on kevin’s longboard! i LOVED this idea.

im sorry, helllllllo gorgeous!


1 Response to “kevin+lauren. i do.”

  1. 1 lowleeta December 5, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    christine! these photos are you beautiful. you are doing a wonderful job!


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