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a little food for thought… (and because i should be finishing up these wedding pictures that i second shot…. ADD thank you for making an appearance back into my life)

-i can’t stand if my google reader has unread posts. it borderline stresses me out that i’m missing out on something creative or juicy.

-i love dr pepper. its exactly what the dr ordered. trust me. (since i wrote this a few days ago, its in fact not what the dr ordered and i now get sick drinking this gem of a drink. im praying its only temporary)

-i love gchat and group chats. its just like AIM from high school days and its legit.

-i love “reply all” on emails between friends.

– i love photography workshops.

-i have replaced buying jeans and la ti da clothes with buying “gear” and i am completely satisfied with that decision

-i can’t count on two hands how much i think about missing “deane hill” days in college with my roommates

-i love reunions with college roomies.

-i hate that i can go days without updating my blog even though i have plenty to post..

-i have been working on a website for MONTHS and never seem to think its just right to publish. little nerv about it.

-i hate cold weather.

-there are few things in life that bring out the real me. and if you know me really well you know what those are…

-i’ve been meaning to reorganize my room for about 2 months now…. and it hasnt happen.

-i am probably too into college football then one should be. and i still feel hurt that lane kiffin left in the middle of the night to USC. sadly thats real talk right there.

-i wear a bracelet on my left wrist that is melted together. i did this the weekend i took my younglife girls to windy gap their junior year of high school (which was about 4 years ago). i dont plan on taking it off any time soon and every time i look at it, it reminds me of how much i love them and how lucky i was to walk with them thru high school and now thru college.

-i hate being late to things. and before the last year of college i was always 15 mins early to everywhere i went. i dont know what happen and it drives me NUTS that i run late a lot. i feel so disrespectful if i’m late.

-i’m stuck inside cleaning and editing because our tree’s and streets are covered in this…….

ahhhh back to editing this wedding. ta ta for now.



i had SO much fun with natalie and jim downtown. natalie was SUCH a great sport considering it was maybe a whopping -14 degrees outside. jim was such a great sport on doing whatever i threw their way. i had such a blast getting to know these two and couldnt be more excited for them and their big day on February 20th. best wishes you two and i hope you enjoy :)…


we may or may not have gone to a parking garage…..


so the holidays have put me in a funk. it was something i was really anticipating considering how different these holidays would be compared to the past ohhh my whole life. a lot of things have been revealed to me about myself that i don’t necessarily like. but its good to figure these things out to be a better friend, sister, daughter, girlfriend, roommate etc.

there are things in my life that bring out the biggest joy in me. and luckily photography is one of those. its like im in this whole different world. not having to deal with anything. the other night my friend krystle asked me to babysit saylor. i’m in love with saylor. thats just plain and simple. i asked kyrstle if she would be ok with me taking some pics of say while they were out for the night and she graciously agreed. and informed me that there were plenty of dress up clothes to use also. dreamworld? um yes. so here say and i are. bee boppin away. me with a huge camera in my face and say just wondering what the heck was going on and where mom and dad were.

this is what i came up with. i can’t wait for the day that saylor can say my name and tell me i’m her bff. i can’t wait to take her on shopping trips and paint each others nails. and i can’t wait until she tells me all her secrets.

love you say.



he turned to me and said, “i’ve been dreaming about this day for my whole life. and i never thought it would and could be this awesome” why not start the year off with marrying your best friend? on new years day. the beginning of 2010. a new year. andy and lyndsay said i do. in front of their family and friends. the people that have watched them go on this journey for the past couple years of excitement and joy and heart break and frustration. but ultimately in the end andy knew that he couldnt live without lyndsay and he wanted her to be his wife. forever. lyndsay and andy thank you! thank you for letting me share in your special day and celebrate with you two. i hope you are having a blast on your honeymoon and enjoying the warm weather :). may your marriage be filled with and most of all Jesus.



the precious flower girl…



this song is singing straight to my soul right now…

“the pathway is broken and the signs are unclear. and i dont know the reason why you brought me here, but just because you love me the way you do im gonna walk through the valley if you want me too. cause im not who i was when i took my first step. and im clinging to the promise your not through with me yet. so if all of these trials bring me closer to you then i will go through the fire if you want me too. it may not be the way i would have chosen. when you lead me through a world thats not my own. but you never said it would be easy. you only said i’ll never go alone. when the whole world turns against me. and im all by myself and i can’t hear you answer my cries for help ill remember the sovereign your love put you through, i will go through the valley if you want me too.” -ginny owens

what am i doing…

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