a little food for thought… (and because i should be finishing up these wedding pictures that i second shot…. ADD thank you for making an appearance back into my life)

-i can’t stand if my google reader has unread posts. it borderline stresses me out that i’m missing out on something creative or juicy.

-i love dr pepper. its exactly what the dr ordered. trust me. (since i wrote this a few days ago, its in fact not what the dr ordered and i now get sick drinking this gem of a drink. im praying its only temporary)

-i love gchat and group chats. its just like AIM from high school days and its legit.

-i love “reply all” on emails between friends.

– i love photography workshops.

-i have replaced buying jeans and la ti da clothes with buying “gear” and i am completely satisfied with that decision

-i can’t count on two hands how much i think about missing “deane hill” days in college with my roommates

-i love reunions with college roomies.

-i hate that i can go days without updating my blog even though i have plenty to post..

-i have been working on a website for MONTHS and never seem to think its just right to publish. little nerv about it.

-i hate cold weather.

-there are few things in life that bring out the real me. and if you know me really well you know what those are…

-i’ve been meaning to reorganize my room for about 2 months now…. and it hasnt happen.

-i am probably too into college football then one should be. and i still feel hurt that lane kiffin left in the middle of the night to USC. sadly thats real talk right there.

-i wear a bracelet on my left wrist that is melted together. i did this the weekend i took my younglife girls to windy gap their junior year of high school (which was about 4 years ago). i dont plan on taking it off any time soon and every time i look at it, it reminds me of how much i love them and how lucky i was to walk with them thru high school and now thru college.

-i hate being late to things. and before the last year of college i was always 15 mins early to everywhere i went. i dont know what happen and it drives me NUTS that i run late a lot. i feel so disrespectful if i’m late.

-i’m stuck inside cleaning and editing because our tree’s and streets are covered in this…….

ahhhh back to editing this wedding. ta ta for now.


2 Responses to “.food.”

  1. 1 Jerri Templer February 2, 2010 at 10:33 am

    Hey. Can you drop some business cards by the store (Beadles) sometime? I have a friend who would like to talk to you about a senior portrait of her son. Thanks Jerri

  2. 2 Meg Dion February 4, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    Thinking of you and was laughing out loud reading your post! It made me smile!

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