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so in the past few days i have had multiple friends, most recently sarah,  give me grief on not updating my blog. which i secretly love because that means that people actually read this. so in true fashion of my personality. i’ll give you a tease of the wedding i second shot with jeff hall on saturday in abbeville….

while jeff took some pictures in front of the place they had the reception i was in the back taking pictures of some guest. i looked up and saw ashley and richie standing on the front steps and instantly fell in love with this image.

this was while ashley’s maid of honor was giving her toast. i LOVE ashley’s reaction and richie’s, he seems a little nervous about what secret that was just let out!

check back soon for more! 🙂 xoxo


.show and tell.

lets do a little show and tell sesh if you will

what have i been doing?.. well let me tell you.

i’ve been skiing in utah…

meeting the new love of my life, jonathan henry.

spending a lot of time with friends and family… working on a new blog. you know the usual.

editing. and prepping for the boo-coo’s (is that how you even spell that word??) (thats the first time i’ve ever used that word and there is more where that came from. trust me.) of e-sessions, weddings, bridal sessions and family sessions that are about to blow up my weekends. up until the end of august… and i couldnt be more pumped. if you are interested in a family session, wedding, baby session, or any session of that matter be sure to shoot me an email and make sure i can get you in before i fill it all up! few spots are still open!

peace and love on this rainy/sleety (what the crap)  monday in south carolina!



hellllllllllllllllo new website…. coughtthati’vebeenworkingonforMONTHScough

this will be updated regularly with new stuff. but here you go.

ta ta 🙂

.baby on the way!.

i met sarah and matt downtown yesterday on what could have been greenville’s most perfect weather so far. please please dont let it get cold again! sarah contacted me earlier this week to do a maternity session and a few pics of her and matt before elizabeth makes her grand apperance in a few weeks! and let me tell you. they were smokin hot. i love pregnant women. i think they are some of the most beautiful things in the world.. is things the right word?

matt was SO great too. im completely convinced they were practicing all week. they didnt skip a beat. sarah and matt thank you for letting me take these fun beautiful pictures of you two! congrats on  sweet elizabeth that will make her apperance so so soon. i dont doubt she will be absolutely precious.


this contest is going on right now. and i am determined to win it. so that is why i have this post. and because they have cute bags. so lets get real why wouldnt i try to win it for real!

i mean what a freaking cool company!

and if you feel the need to purchase one of these for me i would love you forever :).


.baby halle.

dear baby halle.

you are precious and sweet, you are itty bitty and cute. you are beautiful and perfectly made. you are loved beyond measure and so calm. you’ve only been in this world for 3 weeks and you’ve already captured the hearts of many!

you have a brother who is so smitten with you, even if it means he will show you his love by patting you on the head. you’re mommy and daddy love that you snuggle with them and that you just sit there and soak up everything going on around you.

you made it clear that you wanted to make an appearance 4 weeks earlier then you should have. i have to say i respect that about your little itty bitty self. i can’t wait to see you fit into your newborn diapers 🙂

halle. girlfriend. that can’t be comfortable.

and ps. your uncle and his future wife. are pretty awesome 🙂

what am i doing…

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