.allison+steven. johnson city photographer.

its the kind of love that when you watch the whole day unfold thru the lens you cant help but smile. its the kind of love that not matter what, you are giddy for the bride and groom and for them to say i do. its the kind of love that you know its right and real and true.  on april 10, i had the great chance to second shoot for my friend jamie clayton who posted some awesome awesome pictures.  allison and steven were two of the most welcoming people ever. it was such a joy and blessing to share in their special day with them. we honestly couldnt have asked for a better day. sunshine, 70+ degrees, two people SO smitten for each other surrounded by loving friends and family. i LOVE second shooting with other photographers. i love that i get to be the “side” version of everything unfolding through out the day.

caroline, allisons matron of honor took her bridal portraits and they are ballllllllin. so awesome you have to go see them here..

i promise when you see allison’s joy and excitement you wont be able to help but smile. and to see steven’s calming joyfulness through out the day was so fun and cool. here are some of the shots i grabbed! congrats allison and steven, hope you enjoyed your extra long honeymoon!

i mean why wouldnt you eat sunflower seeds to help the time pass?? hilarious!

allison by far had the best entrance to any wedding i have ever been too. i was crying. goosebumps all over and had a huge grin on my face. best song, best reaction, best everything.

hello adorable child.


1 Response to “.allison+steven. johnson city photographer.”

  1. 1 Caroline Fontenot April 27, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    Wow my arm looks hot in that shot. Haha, great job Christine! (Not of my arm…altogether)

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