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.baby b. knoxville, tn baby photographer

baby b. you little munchkin you.

thanks for letting me into your world and home and spend time with you and your mommy and daddy who i adore.

i can’t wait to watch you grow.

what up cutest shoes EVER!


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lauren said 2007 was going to be the year that she was going to be single. but little did she know that there were other plans in her future. 2007 was the year that lauren met michael. through mutual friends michael became smitten for her. she resisted and resisted until finally after her friends said to just give him a chance, lauren did. she told me that she knew there was something special about him because he treated her better then any guy has ever treated her.

its completely evident to me spending an afternoon with them that they love each other. they make each other smile and laugh and i can’t wait until their wedding in july.

lauren and michael thank you for trusting me when i told you that i found a place on the side of the road off some random exit. i know you werent too wooed over when we got out of the car but i hope in the end you guys had fun and love these!

bring on july 31st!!

this might be my favorite picture of the whole day!


.american honey.

the song american honey, its a feel good song for me. it soothes my soul..

there’s something about these girls that make you feel so good. no matter who you are they make you feel welcomed and loved. they love you like they’ve known you your whole life. and so much of my heart wishes i’ve known them my whole life. meet sarah, caroline, holly, and kara. when i walked into their apartment i could feel the love. they love each other SO well its unreal. they make each other laugh SO hard its unreal.

i wouldnt have traded this morning for anything in the world. i secretly hoped it never would end. because these girls are this much fun.

i can’t wait until the fall to hang out with them again.

girls thanks for letting me follow you. thank for you reminding me how sweet and thankful i am to have girlfriends that love me so well. you girls are blessed and you dont take it for granted. what a sweet thing to watch.



i met sweet lacey out at clemson. she JUST graduated on friday and i couldnt be more excited for her.

she is SO sweet, so loving and so fun to be around.

lacey thanks for letting me document your last few days at clemson with you.

you made it more clear to me how much i love you and your mom and sister spending time with you. you are beautiful and fun and i can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.

congrats grad! 🙂

my mom rocks

to the mom that rocks. loves. cares.

to the one that puts up with me when i’m being a brat. who cooks dinner and cares so deeply for people that its mind blowing.

to the mom who keeps the family going and close together. to the mom that is the strongest woman i’ve ever met.

to the mom that can go through the hardest days of her life but still stand with her head held high because she knows how blessed she is

i admire you and love you. and hope that when i’m a mom one day i can be as great as you.

thank you for all you do today and every day of my life

happy mothers day!


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