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.my dad.

he’s my hero and loves me deeper then i should ever be loved.

he makes sure that i know i am beautiful whenever he watches me leave the house. he makes me laugh really hard. he gives some of the best hugs. his advice is something that i cherish and respect. and to hear him say he’s proud of me means more then i could ever express.

and regardless of how old i get. i’ll always be his little girl.

love you daddy. happy fathers day!


.what up!

what up blog world!!!!!

its been a while. and i’ll be honest. its been good. i needed some time away. i needed some time to figure out what to write. i’ve had a few photo sessions but i can’t share them just yet… so keep waiting! 🙂 i will share some rando pics today from days that i just needed to shoot for myself.

i didnt realize how important that was until i came into this rut of shooting and rut of creativity and really bringing myself back to who i am and what i want my pictures to reflect. so as i start the craziest 2 months of my life its me shooting my heart out and bringin it back to the whole reason why i love photography so much.

i’ve been working on my new blog still. and i’ll be honest. i thought i was REAAAL techy until i started this junk. holy smokes i was knocked off my high horse really quick. if we are being real here, which thats what i like, being real…. im stupid when it comes to ftp, html, hosting. la la la la la. so when i make up my mind on what i want to put on display on my blog and i fall in love with design ill share it with the world. but until then…. we will stick with the boring lame blog i have right now 🙂

off to nashville for the weekend to see my sweet friend say “i do” to his beautiful fiance and then off to st louis next weekend to spend some much needed time with babies and family. can’t even wait to share pictures from these next two weekends.

thanks for being patient with me.


what am i doing…

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