i fell in love with photography at the university of tennessee, but it was only a hobby until i bought my first camera in 2007. since then, i’ve been so blessed to learn from the photographers i most admire, taking workshops and classes with them, as well as second shooting events with them. it’s been a dream world.

i am based in greenville, sc, where photography is truly my passion and i am so fortunate to be able to spend my free time doing what i love.

my favorite thing about photography is that it allows me to capture truly candid moments that speak to the emotion and feelings of your day.

if you ask me to do any shoot for you, there is a great chance i will show up in my cowboy boots. its what i feel most free, comfortable and myself in. and they go with everything 🙂

**thanks to my awesome friend lauren mcgeorge on her mad props with this bio :)**

photo taken by: jeff hall photo


1 Response to “.oh hey.”

  1. 1 Leslie feather May 25, 2009 at 12:42 pm

    What a FANTASTIC site! I LOVE it. When I get out of this aviation business will you help me set up my blog!!!?????
    Love you sweet girl ,
    Leslie. Aka mrs feather (whatever floats your boat….)

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