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.my dad.

he’s my hero and loves me deeper then i should ever be loved.

he makes sure that i know i am beautiful whenever he watches me leave the house. he makes me laugh really hard. he gives some of the best hugs. his advice is something that i cherish and respect. and to hear him say he’s proud of me means more then i could ever express.

and regardless of how old i get. i’ll always be his little girl.

love you daddy. happy fathers day!


my mom rocks

to the mom that rocks. loves. cares.

to the one that puts up with me when i’m being a brat. who cooks dinner and cares so deeply for people that its mind blowing.

to the mom who keeps the family going and close together. to the mom that is the strongest woman i’ve ever met.

to the mom that can go through the hardest days of her life but still stand with her head held high because she knows how blessed she is

i admire you and love you. and hope that when i’m a mom one day i can be as great as you.

thank you for all you do today and every day of my life

happy mothers day!



we made it through february 20th.

thank you jesus and jonathan for smurf blue skies. laughter. great friends. great stories. our church. sunshine. warm weather. family. blue ice cream. tears. hugs.

.365 days.

i’ve been preparing this post for over 2 weeks. i wanted it to be perfect. i wanted whoever, if anyone, read it to know how lucky we are. i wanted everyone to know how i am the luckiest sister in the world. i’ve added and taken away little things. somethings i dont want every one to know because those are my memories of jonathan that i’m not ready for blog world to know about. so here we go… my attempt to give you a picture of what this year has been like. the thoughts and memories and things that i have sorely missed the past 365 days…

a year. i can’t believe it. how has it been 365 days. its gone so slow but so fast at the same time. its been a year full of what ifs. questions. laughter. tears. lots of tears. anger. confusion.  heartache. so many emotions that i didnt know my body was capable of experiencing in such a short time.  but its also been a year of thankfulness.

it is completely clear to us that we have the greatest family and friends that anyone could ever want and need in their lives. it blows my mind that we are this blessed and lucky. so thank you. thank you for those of you who have loved us unconditionally.  thank you. its not any easier then it was 365 days ago but at some point it will be filled with all of good memories of jonboy. but i do know for a fact we couldnt have done with out you guys.

jonboy. my best friend, biggest fan and one of the most protective people in my life.. i miss you and your humor. your hawaiian shirts. your inappropriate tshirts that now accompany my pj wardrobe. your laughter. your jokes. your phone calls. your walrus dance after scoring a strike in bowling. you always stealing the last dr pepper. and the last crumbled donut. (that i hid from you and when i found it wished i would have just let you have it). i miss hearing you hobble down the stairs when you were on crutches, even though it woke me up and made me mad. i miss giving each other that certain look in the middle of church at the same time every sunday… because we knew exactly what each other was thinking. i love that you fell in love with st anthony’s and convinced us all to start going there. it was truly a work of god in your heart to somehow prepare us for this, because they have loved us so well the past year. i miss you dancing with me at weddings. i miss how you would always let me hang out with you and your friends. i miss telling you all my secrets. i miss how in college i got really upset about something and you sat with me and told me to stand up for myself and not let it get me down. i miss you trying to get me to try room temperature jack and coke. you would be proud now… thats the only drink i order. turning wii games into drinking games… just the two of us… talking smack to each other. going in on gifts for mom and dad together. visiting you at work when i would stop by the mall.  you surprising me with IMO’s pizza on my birthday. i miss you making sure i had someone to sit by at lunch in 10th grade when we moved to south carolina. even if that meant you had to give up sitting with the soccer guys and had to sit in the hallway because i hadnt made friends yet. i miss you introducing me to the latest and greatest music that justin would share with you so that i would be ahead of the crowd. i miss spending new years with you and acting ridiculous and waking up the next morning and crying because we felt so miserable and telling stories upon stories of everything that happened. because lets get real… it was hilarious. i miss you hitting the golfball like happy gilmore. i miss going to the pool with you in the summer and bringing our own thermos. i miss your pep talks when i go on internships across the country and you filling my bag with saved by the bell dvds to keep me company on the flight. i miss being able to go skiing with you in utah. and how david trash talks to me about not wanting to do blue diamonds as if he is talking to you… i have to remind him that im a girl and have feelings…. you were just hardcore and had no fear.  i miss arguing with you over silly stuff. i miss how much it bothered you if i had a bad day. i think i miss you filling up the dvr with cartoons…. even though you were 24..i miss how you would give me a hard time about boys. i miss you singing frank sinatra and michael buble around the house. i miss how you would always take mom to go see harry potter movies. striker jr. misses the way you would let him jump up on you and dance around the kitchen. i mean he REALLY misses you because our guests dont love when he does that…  just plain and simple we miss you sunshine.

im sooooooo lucky that i can now carry you around in my heart.. wherever i go.  i can still hear you give me advice. i can still hear you laughing as hard as you were on february 19th. keep it real up there papa smurf. and thanks for keeping those certain friends that have loved me so well this past year in your life. their doing a great job of protecting me. i know you’re proud. love you jonathan michael.

“always remember, there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name”- avett brothers


my granddad was one of the greatest men that i know. i think i can blame him for my passion for photography and wanting to have the latest and greatest thing 🙂 we would always joke about it but he would send us cds of images that he would take at family events and on the return label would be a picture of the one whoever the pictures pertained too.

his love was abundant real and true.

i only wish i would have picked his brain even more about photography and passion for this art. so here’s to you granddad. can’t imagine what its like hanging out with jonboy every day.

we love and miss you like crazy.


i can’t believe its over. i can’t believe i’m sitting here looking at the calendar and will soon have to write 2010. what a year 2009 has been. i’ve experienced the greatest heartache of my life. i’ve learned that when you love someone so much and lose them in a matter of minutes your world crumbles down. and slowly but surely you begin to pick up the pieces and learn to figure out a new normal. i’ve learned that family is the most important thing in the whole world and they are the only people who will help you get through heartache. i’ve learned that the people that surround you in the deepest darkest days are the people who love you the most and will do anything no matter what. no matter what time of day or night it is. how lucky am i to be surrounded by that constantly. i’ve learned that i like to soak up moments and not jump to conclusions on things. this year has taught me to slow down and appreciate what the lord has given me and build endless amounts of memories on the things that He has taken away. i’ve learned that its ok so sit and be still and quiet. i’ve learned that its ok to have a good long hard cry just to let it all out. i’ve learned that laughter and people who bring you joy are necessities in your everyday life. i’ve gained the greatest guardian angels that ever walked this world.. unfortunately all in the matter of 4 months.

this year has been crazy, fun, hard, tough, painful and long. but its also brought great opportunities for me that i can’t wait to roll over and improve for 2010. i can’t wait to shoot the endless amounts of weddings, engagements and love that i already have lined up for next year. i can’t wait to become a better photographer and better at this business. i can’t but can wait until i sit here next year at this time and reflect on 2010 and see where this photography passion and love has taken me.  so here is my year in review of pictures. its been a fun crazy road. and i can’t wait to start 2010. because i know in my heart that its gotta be better.


.go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere. go tell it on the mountain that jesus christ is born,

while shepherds kept their watching, over silent flocks by night. behold throughout the heavens, there shown a holy light. the shepherds feared and trembled. when lo above the earth. rang out the angels chorus that hailed the saviors birth,

go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere. go tell it on the mountain that jesus christ is born. down in a lowly manger the humble christ was born and god sent us salvation, that blessed christmas morn.

hallelujah jesus christ is born. hallelujah hallelujah the savior of the world.

merry christmas!

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