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.baby b. knoxville, tn baby photographer

baby b. you little munchkin you.

thanks for letting me into your world and home and spend time with you and your mommy and daddy who i adore.

i can’t wait to watch you grow.

what up cutest shoes EVER!



.baby halle.

dear baby halle.

you are precious and sweet, you are itty bitty and cute. you are beautiful and perfectly made. you are loved beyond measure and so calm. you’ve only been in this world for 3 weeks and you’ve already captured the hearts of many!

you have a brother who is so smitten with you, even if it means he will show you his love by patting you on the head. you’re mommy and daddy love that you snuggle with them and that you just sit there and soak up everything going on around you.

you made it clear that you wanted to make an appearance 4 weeks earlier then you should have. i have to say i respect that about your little itty bitty self. i can’t wait to see you fit into your newborn diapers 🙂

halle. girlfriend. that can’t be comfortable.

and ps. your uncle and his future wife. are pretty awesome 🙂