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.follow me.

follow me and this cute little babe over to the NEW BLOG!!!!!!!!

so change your google readers and all that jazz. because this thing is going to rock your world!

here here


.what up!

what up blog world!!!!!

its been a while. and i’ll be honest. its been good. i needed some time away. i needed some time to figure out what to write. i’ve had a few photo sessions but i can’t share them just yet… so keep waiting! 🙂 i will share some rando pics today from days that i just needed to shoot for myself.

i didnt realize how important that was until i came into this rut of shooting and rut of creativity and really bringing myself back to who i am and what i want my pictures to reflect. so as i start the craziest 2 months of my life its me shooting my heart out and bringin it back to the whole reason why i love photography so much.

i’ve been working on my new blog still. and i’ll be honest. i thought i was REAAAL techy until i started this junk. holy smokes i was knocked off my high horse really quick. if we are being real here, which thats what i like, being real…. im stupid when it comes to ftp, html, hosting. la la la la la. so when i make up my mind on what i want to put on display on my blog and i fall in love with design ill share it with the world. but until then…. we will stick with the boring lame blog i have right now 🙂

off to nashville for the weekend to see my sweet friend say “i do” to his beautiful fiance and then off to st louis next weekend to spend some much needed time with babies and family. can’t even wait to share pictures from these next two weekends.

thanks for being patient with me.



where have i been??

well heres where…

for the past week, i’ve been loading tons of pics onto my computer, then sending more pictures off to clients so that they can display them around their whole entire house :).. in my dreams.

right now in the present time, i’m working on a wedding i second shot with my friend jamie clayton.. he put up a sneak peak. whoop whoop! i can’t wait to share.listening to the rain fall on the roof… and editing pictures

and in the future.. i’m planning a weekend full of babies, friends, engagement and looooove pictures to share with you in the next couple weeks…. and allison and stevens wedding.

but for now.. i leave you with this.


503 workshops

have a fancy camera that cost you hundreds of cash money and you dont know how to shoot off of the automatic setting?

are you terrified to shoot in manual?

are you dying to understand the “ins and outs” of becoming a better photographer?

then boy do i have the workshop for you…..

i’ve been meaning to do this post for a long time, and i hate that its taken me this long.  signing up for 503 online workshops was probably the best decision i could have made in my pursuit to jump into photography. jessica is this rockstar photographer who has been given the gift of being an excellent teacher and mentor. i adore her. i adore her personality, sense of humor, talent and the list could go on. she is by far one of the most encouraging people in my life.  i still talk about how much this workshop impacted me last winter. so if have an itching to learn more about your camera and all of its “fancy” functions i encourage you to sign up for this workshop. i can promise you with my WHOLE entire heart you will not regret it. you will honestly walk away with a boo coo (ha there is that word again) of information. and even if you dont want to learn how to use your fancy camera and just want another photographer to stalk, you should check out her blog. because she’s awesome. and no she didnt pay me to say all of these things. its just all true and real.

in unrelated news. its springtime in the south, maybe even summer with it being in the 80’s and my attitude has changed 100%. i love warm weather, sunshine, and these beautiful trees that dont smell like you know what.



.show and tell.

lets do a little show and tell sesh if you will

what have i been doing?.. well let me tell you.

i’ve been skiing in utah…

meeting the new love of my life, jonathan henry.

spending a lot of time with friends and family… working on a new blog. you know the usual.

editing. and prepping for the boo-coo’s (is that how you even spell that word??) (thats the first time i’ve ever used that word and there is more where that came from. trust me.) of e-sessions, weddings, bridal sessions and family sessions that are about to blow up my weekends. up until the end of august… and i couldnt be more pumped. if you are interested in a family session, wedding, baby session, or any session of that matter be sure to shoot me an email and make sure i can get you in before i fill it all up! few spots are still open!

peace and love on this rainy/sleety (what the crap)  monday in south carolina!



hellllllllllllllllo new website…. coughtthati’vebeenworkingonforMONTHScough

this will be updated regularly with new stuff. but here you go.

ta ta 🙂


i just found my new favorite flower… anemone flower.. aren’t these absolutely beautiful… i love them most in white! jessica claire took these AWESOME AWESOME pictures and made me fall in love with these flowers… look at this bouquet. so rockin! apparently these the “it” flowers this year brides! or boyfriends/husbands/boys who have crushes on a special little lady you should send her some of these 🙂


what am i doing…

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