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lauren said 2007 was going to be the year that she was going to be single. but little did she know that there were other plans in her future. 2007 was the year that lauren met michael. through mutual friends michael became smitten for her. she resisted and resisted until finally after her friends said to just give him a chance, lauren did. she told me that she knew there was something special about him because he treated her better then any guy has ever treated her.

its completely evident to me spending an afternoon with them that they love each other. they make each other smile and laugh and i can’t wait until their wedding in july.

lauren and michael thank you for trusting me when i told you that i found a place on the side of the road off some random exit. i know you werent too wooed over when we got out of the car but i hope in the end you guys had fun and love these!

bring on july 31st!!

this might be my favorite picture of the whole day!



.allison+steven. johnson city photographer.

its the kind of love that when you watch the whole day unfold thru the lens you cant help but smile. its the kind of love that not matter what, you are giddy for the bride and groom and for them to say i do. its the kind of love that you know its right and real and true.  on april 10, i had the great chance to second shoot for my friend jamie clayton who posted some awesome awesome pictures.  allison and steven were two of the most welcoming people ever. it was such a joy and blessing to share in their special day with them. we honestly couldnt have asked for a better day. sunshine, 70+ degrees, two people SO smitten for each other surrounded by loving friends and family. i LOVE second shooting with other photographers. i love that i get to be the “side” version of everything unfolding through out the day.

caroline, allisons matron of honor took her bridal portraits and they are ballllllllin. so awesome you have to go see them here..

i promise when you see allison’s joy and excitement you wont be able to help but smile. and to see steven’s calming joyfulness through out the day was so fun and cool. here are some of the shots i grabbed! congrats allison and steven, hope you enjoyed your extra long honeymoon!

i mean why wouldnt you eat sunflower seeds to help the time pass?? hilarious!

allison by far had the best entrance to any wedding i have ever been too. i was crying. goosebumps all over and had a huge grin on my face. best song, best reaction, best everything.

hello adorable child.

.jaime+rob.charlotte photographer.

i knew when she told me that rob was taking her on a surprise date that it was going to happen. so thats why i said, when rob proposes to you this weekend be sure i’m the first person you call. not because i knew, but because i knew in my heart it was going to happen. i love rob for jaime. i love the way rob loves jaime, makes jaime smile that certain way, i love rob because he makes jaime laugh and feel like the most important girl in this world. i love that rob loves jaimes friends well to.

i couldnt have asked for a more perfect boy to fall in love with my best friend. i say this all the time, i love watching my best friends fall in love and marry the man of their dreams. its the greatest thing ever. i’m protective. probably too protective of my girlfriends. but i could tell there was something different about rob right from the beginning. he is sweet, funny, caring, loving and just the right person to handle jaime when she spazzes :).

so on that surprise date, when rob got down on one knee to ask jaime to marry him and spend the rest of her life with him, i got a phone call. a phone call that consisted of two girls screaming and crying on the phone full of excitement. i love and feel honored when friends like these ask me to take their engagement pictures. i love more that i get to stand next to jaime and watch her commit to the man that was made for her in august.

we took a stroll around charlotte. why? well because jaime has been living there the past year and a half, and because i wanted a new back drop. i’m thankful for sunshine, laughter, love, my assistant chrissy who i think i should hire full time because i love having her around, best friends falling in love, pictures, and charlotte.

i love you both and can’t wait until your big day. thank you for letting me share in this special time with you both.

i brought it down from 300 + to 68 that i wanted to share.. figured that was still a wee bit too much so i brought it down some more.


jaime will kill me for this next picture. so if you dont hear from me for about 5 or 6 days.. thats what happened.

rob gave jaime his grandmothers wedding ring. how cool. its the same exact way his grandmother had it. not one thing is different. talk about some bliiing.

chrissy was reenacting her karaoke performance from the night before… thats right kids my assistant is a rockstar.

so if you are dying to see a whole lot more you will have to head over to the fan page on facebook well because they are super cute 🙂


so in the past few days i have had multiple friends, most recently sarah,  give me grief on not updating my blog. which i secretly love because that means that people actually read this. so in true fashion of my personality. i’ll give you a tease of the wedding i second shot with jeff hall on saturday in abbeville….

while jeff took some pictures in front of the place they had the reception i was in the back taking pictures of some guest. i looked up and saw ashley and richie standing on the front steps and instantly fell in love with this image.

this was while ashley’s maid of honor was giving her toast. i LOVE ashley’s reaction and richie’s, he seems a little nervous about what secret that was just let out!

check back soon for more! 🙂 xoxo

.jaime+tommy. e-session


their love started when they met at a bar. jaime may or may not have kissed tommy :)…neither one of them was looking for love but how could tommy resist a girl that was going to make the first move? fast forward a few years later and here we are.. months away from their big day. jaime and tommy, i had so much fun with you two and i can’t wait until july 17th! i can already tell we are going to have a blast!


fist pumps for getting married!!!


valentines day… what a silly silly holiday. i’ve never been a fan of this holiday it just seems so ridiculous. the whole day. but i know there are some people out there that LOOOOOOVE valentines. so kudos to you. the only thing i like about valentines day are the cards. i looooooooove cards. just love them. call me cheap or whateve i just think is such a sweet simple gesture to tell someone how much you love or appreciate or your thinking about them…

so in attempt to enjoy this silly holiday and since mom and i failed on our mission to get to knoxville because of this really annoying white stuff. that is clearly not welcome in SOUTH carolina anymore… we are having girls night. while our valentines are off in other cities… booooo.

so happy valentines day to all and to all a goodnight. xoxo


i had SO much fun with natalie and jim downtown. natalie was SUCH a great sport considering it was maybe a whopping -14 degrees outside. jim was such a great sport on doing whatever i threw their way. i had such a blast getting to know these two and couldnt be more excited for them and their big day on February 20th. best wishes you two and i hope you enjoy :)…


we may or may not have gone to a parking garage…..

what am i doing…

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